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Bath tub


Baby equipment:

Bath tub for baby from 0 to 12 months. Compact storage, it's nevertheless spacious for the child. With 4 anti-slip feet. 

Bath tub rental Tignes Val d'Isère
Bath recliner

Baby bath recliner, it can be used in a bath tub or in a large bath. It's fixed with suction cups for more security. 

Bath recliner rental Tignes Val d'Isère
Bath ring 

Bath ring to keep you baby seated while bathing. It is fixed with a suction cups system.  Compact storage. 

Bath ring rental Tignes Val d'Isère
Bath thermometer + Toys

Bath thermometer to monitor the water temperature. An assortment of toys adapted to the baby bath is included. 

Bath thermometer rental Tignes Val d'Isère
Baby pot

Baby pot in the shape of a cow. Very stable and with a compartment "pee" for easy cleaning. 

Baby pot rentalTignes Val d'Isère
Toilet reducer

Toilet reducer to help your child to learn to be clean. 

Toilet reducer rental Tignes Val d'Ière
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